Why Use Google Ads For Your Business?

In 2018, google’s ad revenue was almost 116.3 billion. Google generates advertising revenue through its Google Ads platform, which enables advertisers to display ads. The amount of money google makes through Google Ads makes it clear that how widely the platform is used.

So, if you keep hearing about google ads and wonder why everyone uses it, we have listed few reasons below on why you should be using it for your business.


Google ads

1.Create Campaign As Per Goal

If you have a business and you want to run ads on internet, Google Ads gives you a lot options on the type of Ad you would be able to showcase.

May it be to drive more traffic to your website, or to generate more leads, or drive more sales or create awareness about your brand. You can select your goal when you create a campaign to run ads.

google ads

2. Works Faster Than SEO

SEO is a great technique to get your business seen on search engine. Infact, it is the most important technique and everyone should be using it. But SEO is highly competitive and a long term process. It could take months for you to get ranked in the first page of the search engine even if you do everything right. 

Thats where Google Ads helps. You could be on the top of the first page of SERP (search engine results page) by running ads on google ads. Just a few clicks away. Sounds great ya!  

3. Create Different Type Of Ads

Google Ads enables you create different ad types. Ads based on search made by user, or display ads or video ads, you can choose the type of ad you want to run for your business.

google ads

4. Spent According To Your Budget

When it comes to running an ad, budget is the first thing that matters. You don’t need to have a very heavy budget to run ads on Google Ads.You can choose how much you want to spend. Set your daily ad budget and the platform will spend your money accordingly. 

5. Pay Only When Someone Clicks On Your Ad

With Google Ads you don’t pay to show your ad, you pay only when someone clicks your ad. Sounds amazing right! 

With “Pay Per Click” advertising google will charge you only when someone clicks on your ad. If someone is clicking on your ad, means he or she is interested in your product or service. In that way, you will be paying google to give you a lead which most likely will convert.


Google Ads is one of the best ways to reach your target audience to drive traffic, create awareness about your brand or to drive more sales. But you will not be getting any results if you don’t do it right.

If you are planning to run google ads for your business, educate yourself first before starting the campaign. Or you can always take an expert’s advice.

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