There is no doubt that internet has taken over all across the globe. People use the internet right after they wake up till the time they go to bed.

Shopping stores are replaced by e-commerce websites, restaurants are replaced by cloud kitchens. Any product or service people need are available online. Each and every business you could think of are already promoting their business online. By the time your’e reading this post, your competitor might have convinced one client to buy their product or services.

So in this age of highly competitive market reaching your prospect customers is really important to grow a business. But how do you do it? That is where digital marketing helps. It will help you reach audience who could be your prospect customers.

Today businesses take the help of digital channels like mobile phones, display ads, video ads , etc using the internet for branding.

What is Digital Marketing?


In simple words, Digital Marketing is the promotion of a product or services online , using the help of internet and digital devices.

At another level,  digital marketing is advertising through social media , websites, search engine , email and mobile applications.


Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • With the help of digital marketing you can create brand awareness, perform sales promotion and do customer retention.                             
  • Digital Marketing lets you reach your prospect audience across the globe with standard budget.                                       
  • Digital Marketing is cost effective with high ROI.                               
  • You can specially target people based on location, age, interests, etc.              
  • Results are easily measurable as clicks, impressions, visits and sales.

Why Digital Marketing?

Your Prospects are Online:

Global Audience Digital Marketing

If you have been avoiding digital marketing so far , then its because you have had no idea about the internet penetration in 2019.

According to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2019, internet users globally have touched 3.8Bn which is more than half of the world’s population.

Out of these, China was found to have the largest internet user base at 21%, followed by India at 12%, and the United States at 8% .

Once someone is interested in a product or service , the first thing they do is enquire about it on the internet.

  • 81% people conduct online research before making any purchase.
  • 61% use search engine to find the product or service they want to buy.

Your competitors are online:

DreamFree Venturs - Digital Marketing Agency

For any business to succeed it is important to study the competitors. You must be aware of what your competitors are doing and learn from them.

Think of any business based on any niche, now open your internet browser and search for it. In 2019 there would be no such business niche without digital presence. Any business you could think of are already promoting their business online with the help of digital marketing.

So,in order to grow your business you must be ahead of your competitors. If they are opting digital marketing and generating more profit , why should you not digitalize your business?

Know your target audience:

digital marketing

Digital marketing lets you interact with your prospect customers. You can get to understand their needs and what they are hoping to find.

On social media or on a blog you can interact with them and get their feedback to improve the product or service quality of your business. You can also run surveys to understand them. By interacting with people online you will be able to know what really they are looking for. What really is bothering the customers? What solution you can provide them?

Instead of playing a guess game, with the help of digital marketing you can easily understand your customers and know what they are trying to find. In this way, you can establish a good relationship with your customers and become a trusted business brand.

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